Jewelry Care Guide

Jewelry Care Guide

Jewelry is one of our most intimate and cherished accessories. Understanding how to care for and protect your treasured jewelry can make a world of difference in preserving its beauty and keeping your heirlooms sparkling for generations to come.

 1.General maintenance

  • Avoid contact with daily chemicals to avoid chemical reactions, such as soap, shower gel, shampoo, cosmetics, etc.
  • Avoid collision or stress to avoid deformation or breakage, such as taking off your beloved jewelry when exercising, sleeping, or cooking.
  • Avoid high temperatures and sun exposure to avoid unnecessary fading and other problems.
  • Different types of jewelry have different hardnesses, so they should be worn and placed separately to avoid wearing each other.
  • Regularly check the jewelry to see whether the claw-set gemstone is loose, whether the diamond is dropped, whether the necklace buckle is firm, etc.

2. Gold and silver

  • When gold jewelry loses its luster due to stains and dust infection, just put it in a neutral detergent (PH = 7, such as detergent), soak and clean it in warm water, and then take it out and wipe it dry.
  • Silver jewelry can be wiped with a silver wiping cloth after it has turned black, or it can be cleaned with toothpaste that does not contain particles.
  • Metal jewelry will undergo oxidation reactions, fading, blackening, etc. if worn for a long time. These are normal phenomena and can be refurbished in gold shops.
  • Metal jewelry that has not been worn for a long time is cleaned and put in a closed pocket to prevent oxidation and blackening.



  • Don't touch the diamonds with your hands frequently. Diamonds are lipophilic, and the oil on the skin will affect the diamond's luster and brightness.
  • Do not wear and place diamond jewelry with other gems, because diamonds are very hard and will wear and tear to other gems.
  • Although diamonds are hard, they are also brittle, so don't bump them.
  • When cleaning, use a small bowl or teacup to fill warm water and adjust an appropriate amount of neutral detergent (PH = 7, such as detergent) in the water. Soak the diamond jewelry in water, brush gently with a toothbrush, rinse with warm water, and finally dry it with a soft, lint-free cloth.
  • You can also get it at the gold store and use ultrasonic cleaning